Public Housing

CRHA owns and manages 376 units of public housing across seven sites in Charlottesville:

  • Westhaven (126 units) – constructed 1964
  • Crescent Halls (105 units) – constructed 1976
  • South First Street (58 units) – constructed 1981
  • Sixth Street (25 units) – constructed 1980
  • Michie Drive (23 units) – constructed 1980
  • Madison Avenue (18 units) – constructed 1980
  • Riverside Drive (16 units) – constructed 1980

In addition, CRHA owns 5 single-family homes that it manages as public housing units.

If you wish to apply to rent a public housing unit at CRHA, please download and complete the following application and return it to the CRHA Rental Office at 500 1st St. South:  CRHA PH Application

For a list of policies that public housing residents must abide by, see

For more info. on Public Housing, please see this HUD Fact Sheet.


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