Crescent Halls

Crescent Halls, an 8-story building at 500 1st St South with 105 public housing units for the elderly or individuals with disabilities, will be fully renovated from top to bottom.  Construction is due to get underway in early 2021.  The ‘skeleton’ of the building will be preserved, but all of the residential units, building systems, underground infrastructure, common areas, exterior spaces, parking areas, etc. will be as-new.


Crescent Halls renovation overview (courtesy of PHAR):  CH Renovation Project Design Overview


Animation about access to Crescent Halls during construction (courtesy of GMA Construction — general contractor):


Crescent Halls current view:


Crescent Halls residents have been actively involved in the planning for the renovation project.  CRHA firmly believes that the people who will be most impacted by the decisions that affect their homes & their lives should have full & meaningful participation in the shaping of those decisions.