Commissioners & Management Team

CRHA Commissioners

CRHA is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners, appointed by Charlottesville City Council.  Two of the Commissioners are public housing residents, one is a City Councilor, and the other four are at-large community members.  The current Commissioners are:

Chair Dr. A’Lelia Henry – Resident Commissioner – e-mail here

Ms. Laura Goldblatt – e-mail here

Ms. Rosia Parker- Resident Commissioner e-mail here

Ms. Maddy Green – e-mail here

Ms. Brigid Wicks– e-mail here

Mayor Nikuyah Walker – City Council Representative – e-mail here


Note: these same Commissioners also serve as Board members for the Charlottesville Community Development Corporation (CCDC), a non-profit intermediary of CRHA with responsibility for redevelopment-related activities.


CRHA Management Team

Mr. John Sales, Executive Director – e-mail here

Mrs. Kathleen Glenn-Matthews, Deputy Executive Director – e-mail here

Ms. Mary Lou Hoffman, Director of Finance – e-mail here

Ms. Consuela Knight, Housing Choice Voucher Manager- e-mail here

Mrs. Melinda Hite, Housing Manager – e-mail here

Mr. Brano Popovic, Director of Facilities – e-mail here

Ms. Michelle Crown, Accountant – e-mail here